Too Much Metal Fred Goes Prime Time with Packers' Coach Mike McCarthy

Oct. 7, 2016
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Fred Gillich is the quintessential Milwaukeean, a beacon of hometown pride. His t-shirt company Too Much Rock for One Hand has been producing buzz-worthy apparel that shows off Cream City pride for over a decade, and it's hard to miss Fred and his line of clothes at festivals and events. When casting agents were looking for the ideal candidate to appear opposite Mike McCarthy in a new Packers ad, it was only natural that Fred answered the call.

How'd you get the opportunity to do the ad?

My friend Susana recommended me to the ad agency shooting the commercial. They were looking for a "real Milwaukee" guy. So she thought I was a really good fit. They checked out some of my Facebook photos and said "that's our 'butcher.' 

Did you enjoy working with Coach McCarthy?

He was very easy to talk to. Very accessible. He shaved his beard just before shooting this commercial. Just for the spot, which I thought was cool. We made jokes about Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, New York accents. Also I ad-libbed the Real Nice line.

How's the response to the ad been so far?

I think it's been super amazing. A lot of people are liking it. And I've gotten a ton of comments from "You're a natural" to "You're funny." I hope the spot goes viral and makes Packer fans laugh.

You think there's a chance you can reprise the role in the future?

I'd love to, but that's not up to me. If the spot is popular enough, I'd love to work for it to become part of a bigger ad campaign.

Can people look for the ad during the Packers game on Sunday night?

Yes sir. Everyone should look for it. I'm gonna be prime time.

Keep an eye out for the spot during the game this weekend, and check in every Monday as Fred interviews dynamic Milwaukeeans for his blog Make Milwaukee Rad.


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