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Haiku Funeral

Assassination in the Hashish Cathedral (Hikikomori Records)

Jun. 7, 2010
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William Kopecky may have relocated from Racine to France, but as one-half of the duo Haiku Funeral, he arguably makes the most sinister-sounding music ever linked to Wisconsin. Sure, his work in Yeti Rain, Far Corner, Snarling Adjective Convention and the eponymous trio Kopecky has always been dark, but the sounds he spawned on Halloween night of 2008 with Bulgarian black-metal veteran Dimitar Dimitrov border on pitch-black.

Promo materials for Assassination in the Hashish Cathedral warn that the album contains “dark poems of sick erotic visions, tortured screams in industrial landscapes, occult murmurings and eerie whispers.” That about covers it. Kopecky, as usual, plays moody, badass bass better than practically anyone else, and he even contributes some veiled vocals here. Dimitrov, meanwhile, electrocutes listeners with his arsenal of electronics.

Experienced collectively, the nine songs on Assassination in the Hashish Cathedral are hallucinogenic, morbid and terrifying as hell.


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