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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Deserves Re-Election


Mar. 26, 2008
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Last week we asked Milwaukee MayorTom Barrett why he deserves to be reelected. He listed his efforts that brought more jobs to the city and built safety and pride in our community. We agree that he should be re-elected. Not only has Barrett worked hard during a transitional time in Milwaukee’s history, but some of his initiatives will require time—and a second term in office— before showing results.

Barrett’s first priority, he says, is jobs. To that end he’s courted large and small businesses to move to Milwaukee and is helping to revitalize areas of the city that could become important economic engines. He also took over the Private Industry Council (PIC), which focuses on job creation, a move that will help struggling residents and employers who need skilled and ready workers. Barrett is an advocate of mass transit, public safety, sane gun laws and “green” initiatives.

We think that he can help lift Milwaukee’s reputation nationally, which will in turn encourage more companies and bright, creative individuals to consider moving to the city. What’s more, Barrett has led a scandal-free administration, something that can’t be overlooked.

We encourage voters to support Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on April 1.

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