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Film Clips: June 19

Jun. 19, 2014
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The Rover R

There must be something in Australia’s landscape that lends itself to post-apocalyptic settings. In the latest Mad Max trek across the Outback, Guy Pearce plays Eric, a brooding drifter obsessed with reclaiming his stolen car—and killing the three criminals who took it. It’s “10 Years After the Collapse,” the opening title tells us, an unexplained catastrophe that has left the dusty towns of Australia’s back country with limited law enforcement, dwindling stocks of petrol and sporadic electricity. The Rover is a dystopian odyssey of desolation and degradation, a grim vision of a plausible future. (David Luhrssen)

Opens Friday, June 20, Oriental Theatre.


Think Like a Man Too PG-13

Here comes the sequel to 2012’s mediocre adaptation of Steve Harvey’s humorous book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. With the same actors reprising their roles, four couples meet in Las Vegas for a wedding. A bachelor and bachelorette party figure heavily into the antics, prompting some to succumb to the outrageous temptations presented by gambling, prostitutes and strip clubs. The couples’ collective poor behavior threatens to cancel the wedding altogether before each member examines his or her culpability and resolves to do better. Positioning itself as a comedy set in Vegas, everyone takes a few knocks, but never fear, love and forgiveness are on hand to win the day. (Lisa Miller)


Now that controversial strategist Steve Bannon has left his administration, will Donald Trump begin to pivot to the center?

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