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Pooped Out Over Pride?

Aug. 4, 2014
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If you’re anything like me (and for your sake, I hope you’re not!), then you’re not quite ready to give up on LGBT pride-related events this summer. The good news is that we don’t have to. Not just yet, anyway. There are plenty of happy warm-weather times to be had all over Wisconsin.

Some people, however, may have had their fill of pride parties, gay gatherings and other homo hoedowns. Take a look at the letter below to see what I mean. Then, check out my list of happy happenings and take in as much fun as your sweet keester will allow!


Dear Ruthie,

I have a friend I’ve known for over 30 years. Recently, at Pride in Chicago, he became angry with me. He ranted and walked away from me. I had no choice but to follow, and when I fell and hurt myself, he stood there and laughed at me. He didn’t turn to help me but turned around and kept walking. His lover sided with him even though I was innocent of any wrongdoing. Is this really a true friend or was alcohol to blame? I didn’t do or say anything wrong; I just wanted to catch the train (on) time. What should I do? Forgive and forget or distance?



Dear Poopie,

Was alcohol to blame? Honey, I have a feeling you were drunk while typing this email! I have no clue what happened here because you never really told me. I have no clue if alcohol was involved as you never really told me about that either. (Although, I’m guessing there was, indeed, a considerable amount of booze involved that day since you brought it up.)

I have a good friend who says that if an argument occurs due to drinking, acknowledge it and move forward. Put it behind you as quickly as the argument started. Based on the note that you’ve known this person for more than 30 years, I’m guessing you’re two mature people who can revisit the day, realize what went wrong and easily make amends. If not, you may want to distance yourself from your amigo for a while and let everyone sober up a bit.


August 7 to 23: A Lady in Waiting at Theater RED/Soulstice Theater (3770 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 2, St. Francis): Local playwright Liz Shipe takes the path very-least traveled through Sherwood Forest by telling the story of Robin Hood through a woman’s eyes—Maid Marian’s servant to be exact. A large cast brings this noble Nottingham world premiere to life at Theater RED. Visit theaterred.com for ticket information on this exciting new production.


August 8: Those Darn Accordions at Shank Hall (1434 N. Farwell Ave): A longtime favorite of the Milwaukee’s LGBT community, this fun-loving band brings the polka party to the fashionable East Side with an 8 p.m. concert. Get your tickets at ticketweb.com, then grab your dancing shoes and let loose at what’s sure to be a toe-tapping good time! After all, everyone’s a little bit Polish in Milwaukee, ya der, hey?!


August 9: King Street Pride Block Party at Woof’s Bar (114 King St., Madison): Get ready to “woof” your brains out as hot bears, sweaty leather men and more DILFs than you can twerk your booty at invade Mad City. Celebrity DJs, a tea dance and more make this a wild event not to be missed. A portion of the ticket sales go to Pride OutReach Parade committee. See woofsmadison.com to learn more.


August 10: Mr. & Ms. State Fair Physique Competition Finals at State Fair Park (Bank Mutual Amphitheater, 640 S. 84th St.): Yee-ha! There’s more to State Fair than cows, chickens and pigs! Come check out these all-American hotties as they strut their stuff and flex their finest assets (and asses) during the finals of the hottest show at the fair. Who knows? You may just spot your own corn-bred cowboy or blue-ribbon babe at the 6 p.m. competition.


August 10: Outreach Pride Parade/Rally at Madison’s Central Park (202 S. Ingersoll St.): We’re here! We’re queer! We’re having another parade! Round out your summer with an afternoon of LGBT pride at this Madison assembly. Check it out, chat it up and cheer it through with a 2 p.m. step-off time. A rally, as well as entertainment, vendors and more follow from 3 to 5 p.m. on State Street.


Have a question for Ruthie? Email her at DearRuthie@Shepex.com, and don’t miss her wild and whacky cooking show at RuthiesBitchinKitchen.com!


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