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Milwaukee Public Market Set to Expand

Sep. 3, 2008
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The Milwaukee Public Market, the symbol of a rejuvenated Third Ward, will expand this December as Good Harvest Market of Pewaukee moves into the former Broadway Produce Co. building.

In addition to retaining the old “Commission Row” flavor, the market also aims to stay true to its mission of supporting local farmers and businesses. Good Harvest Market is locally owned and will sell organic produce and dry goods in the 6,000-square-foot building, which is currently undergoing extensive renovation.

“We strive to remain local, and associate with local businesses that have a strong business model and operate ethically,” says Milwaukee Public Market’s Paul Schwartz.

The Public Market, which opened three years ago, stumbled in its early days, as its nonprofit owners grappled to find the right mix of products and vendors. “It’s a tough market to pinpoint what customers want,” Schwartz says. The Historic Third Ward Association took over management in early 2007, and introduced longer hours and prepared foods for the lunchtime crowd. Today, the market and its 20 upscale vendors are a beacon for Downtown condo dwellers, office workers and visitors who savor fresh produce, bakery, coffee, cheese, seafood and more.

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