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Art Kumbalek Election Express

Meet the Candidate; Get Free Stuff, Drink Beer

Oct. 15, 2008
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Perhaps the first political candidate to use beer as a campaign platform, Milwaukee celebrity Art Kumbalek has announced his intention to run for "any and every" office on the ballot this coming electoral term.

Already a longtime U.S. presidential candidate, Mr. Kumbalek now boasts his own line of beer, as well: "Focktoberfest"-sure to be a staple at each of his campaign tour stops.

The Shepherd Express and Art Kumbalek will be hocking campaign items, T-shirts and "Focktoberfest" beer at Milwaukee-area venues. Patrons will enjoy drink specials, Cazadores giveaways, Halloween Express Obama and McCain masks and of course, one-liners from Milwaukee's favorite Wise Guy.

Join the Shepherd Express Street Team in celebrating Art Kumbalek's candidacy announcement with $2 Focktoberfest beer, produced by Lakefront Brewery in the heart of Milwaukee, WI.





October 21: Old German Beer Hall

October 30: Fat Abbey

November 4: Bootleggers


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