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The Bye Bye Bush Bash w/ Eat the Mystery, Floor Model and Grand Disaster @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn

Jan. 20, 2009

Jan. 28, 2009
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As a tape loop played recordings of people saying "I love you," Eat the Mystery began walking around hugging audience members.

"That's right, Eat the Mystery loves you folks … but we don't love Bush," said Paul Setser, the band's singer and keyboard player. A modest crowd had shown up, eager to celebrate the last day of "W."

Part performance art and part musical group, Eat the Mystery includes Setser, drummer Ken Zanowski, singer Angie Livermore, horn player Dave Bolyard and guitarist and vocalist Danny Price. They were joined by guests Crystal "Critter" Rausch of The Barrettes on cello and a guest backup vocalist calling himself "Sister Quentin."

After a short dance song about embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, the band drifted into their carnival-ride song "Horses Mouth."

Livermoreprovided many of the band's eccentric antics. She clapped the rhythm to one song while in scuba flippers and later threw balloons and suckers to the audience. She also spread out a picnic scene onstage, sporting a creepy clown mask and sunglasses while the group performed Price's "Sunshine," an ode to pessimism.

They then played a version of Nick Cave's tough-guy murder ballad "Stagger Lee." Band members voiced different characters in the song, while Livermore portrayed a character by wearing a puppet mask above her head, with the puppet's fishnet-stocking-clad legs wrapped around her neck.

As their set wound down, they gave a toast to President Barack Obama. Two local punk bands followed.

Floor Model took the stage with some old-school punk rock, covering songs by The Circle Jerks and The Ramones. A friendly circle pit formed in front of the power trio as they sped through a short set.

Grand Disaster played a country-punk style reminiscent of Social Distortion.

"This one's for George Bush-don't let the doorknob hit your ass on the way out!" the guitarist shouted as the band broke into their song "Buddy's Ex-Girlfriend."


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