Marquette Poll Shows Mary Burke Leads Scott Walker Among Likely Voters, 48.6% to 46.5%

Aug. 27, 2014
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Showing that Wisconsinites’ attitudes toward Gov. Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger Mary Burke have hardened, the new Marquette University poll shows Burke leading Walker 48.6% to 46.5% among likely voters, but Walker leading Burke among registered voters, 47.5% to 44.1%. 

Both numbers are similar to earlier findings, and both are within the poll’s margin of error.

And you wonder why Walker and J.B. Van Hollen are trying so hard to implement voter ID before the November election—this one will be decided by turnout, with each side trying everything they can to pull people out of their homes and into polling places.

Republicans have better luck in races with low voter turnout, while a robust turnout helps Democrats. (That’s why the GOP tries to diminish voter turnout through voter ID requirements.)

I don’t have details about the poll yet, but when I do I’ll blog about it.


Now that Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare have stalled indefinitely, do you believe the party will be able to pass tax reform?

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