Friday the 13th Pt. 2: Don't Dress for Dinner

Mar. 11, 2009
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The standard workweek is preparing to end in another Friday the 13th. (Again.) This is the second month in a row. Being a well-adjusted, non-superstitious person, I can’t stress enough that this has no significance to me at all. That being said, I will be out of town this particular Friday the 13th. (On the other side of the continent.) I can’t stress enough that this is NOT because I’m superstitious. This particular Friday the 13th, no less than three (or is it four?) shows will be opening in the area with another theatre event going on for good measure. Here’s one of the shows I will be missing this Friday . . . (but NOT because I am superstitious.)

This Friday the Waukesha Civic Theater opens its production of Marc Comoletti’s mid-century farce Don’t Dress For Dinner. The story goes something like this: Jacquline decides to go out of town with her mother for a few days, leaving her husband Bernard with the opportunity to settle-in to a cozy weekend with his new mistress. Fate would have it the Bernard’s bachelor friend Robert is invited along on the weekend as Bernard’s alibi. When Jacqueline finds out, things get complicated and you know . . . it’s a farce.

Could be a fun trip to the suburbs for anyone interested in a little light comedy as the weather turns pleasant this spring.  The play, which currently has a long-running production being staged in Chicago’s Royal George Theatre, has had remarkable longevity for a mid-century farce. The cast of the production invludes Ruth Arnell, who offers this peek behind the scenes, courtesy of her YouTube account:

Waukesha Civic Theatre’s Production of Don’t Dress For Dinner runs through  March 29th.


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