Texts from yesterday's Badger game

Sep. 12, 2009
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Really odd decision by Fresno to stay in the huddle until 14 secs left on play clock to start 2nd OT. Really rushed snap bobbled ends in INT.


Beautiful diving catch by Toon in OT. Cmon Defense!


The odds that the Badgers can hold Fresno St here seem lnw.


May be pessimistic but I dont like UWs chances in OT!


First Badgers rush over like 7 yards goes 75 for a TD!


First offensive play from scrimmage in each half Badgers got a delay of game. Sweet


The probability for embarrassment here is high!

  Oh Madison, how I love thee. Guy behind me's shirt says "Water covers 2/3 of the Earth. Bucky's wang covers the rest."

Posted by Nicole at 11:03 AM


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