Brewers moblogging for today

Sep. 19, 2009
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And now Prince sets the team walk record with his 100th

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Prince and the ump just had a little chat mid-AB and suddenly the count went from 2-2 to 3-1. Interesting

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Corey Hart's line against this pitcher - .571 avg 2 HR and 6 RBI

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Yovani just recorded his 200th and 201st strikeout

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Prince making up for the slump already and finally crossed the 40 HR mark. Now he just needs to keep the BA above .500

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You can tell that despite last season, Milwaukee is still a football town. NO ONE at this game and its a bobblehead day

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Onfield trophy presentation (theres a trophy?!) made much coolep with Coop coming over to congratulate Prince.

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So cool that Prince broke Coops RBI record while Coop was here coaching for Houston.

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I feel like only in WI could we be sitting in a bar at the baseball stadium eating brats and watching the Packer game.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Congrats to Prince Fielder for breaking the Brewers' single-season RBI record tonight when he hit a sac fly in the 8th!

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