Marquette basketball uniforms

Feb. 8, 2012
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For a rather small school, Marquette has long made waves in the uniform community with some of their outlandish looks. From sporting vertical striping down one side, to a bumble bee look. to camo long before camo was cool,to the powder blues that have periodically surfaced over the years, Marquette is actually usually on the fore-front of uniform changes for a school with a small profile and even smaller revenue.


But by far the Marquette uniform that gets the most ink, especially considering it is near 40 years old, is the 1975-76 "untucked" jersey seen here.


A somewhat little known fact is that jersey was actually designed by Marquette player Bo Ellis. Ellis actually had an interest in fashion design - Marquette didn't offer the class, so ensure he'd enroll and play ball there, the school allowed him to take fashion classes at another school and have the classes transferred.

That story and a few other goodies are mentioned in this J-S article on Ellis. As a famous former player, there's plenty to say about Ellis, so I was shocked and heartened by the fact that the profile honed in on his designing of a ground-breaking uniform for the then-Warriors.


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