Alex Gonzalez has torn ACL

May. 7, 2012
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It certainly seemed inevitable, but the news today that SS Alex Gonzalez tore his ACL isn't any easier to swallow.

Word is that Gonzalez is being given a week to work out the knee (and presumably let the swellin totally dissipate) before they decide if surgery is necessary.

Even if the knee doesn't need surgery, he's out at least 8-10 weeks and then will have quite a bit of rehab to do.

Look, Alex Gonzalez wasn't going to be the savior of this team, but frankly he kind of felt like it. Every time he made even a marginally decent play at SS, it was like shining a big, bright light on how awful Yuniesky Betancourt was last season. Gonzalez received the benefit of being "not Yuni" but also had made some spectacular plays, making us all so happy to have someone with range in the 6 spot.

It's been a rough, rough week for the Brewers. They made it through the weekend without any more inuuries, but lost in extra innings yesterday and had to rush to get home to Milwaukee before the airport closed for construction. If they missed the midnight deadline, they would have been forced to go to Chicago to land and then bus home.

They have to be so happy the road trip is over, but between Gamel, Gonzalez and Mariano Rivera, I'd have to think every team around the league is wrapping their players knees in cotton in precaution. I can't remember a week where so many of the same injury occurred.


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