Gloss Records is Having a 50% Off Sale All Month

Jan. 24, 2017
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gloss records
Our New Year's resolution was to make less Parks and Recreation "Treat yo self" references, but this one makes it hard: The Milwaukee label Gloss Records is having a 50% off clearance sale on everything in its online store all month, through Feb. 1.

From the beginning, the label has been defined less by any sort of genre parameters than by its consistent high standards; many of the best local releases of the last couple of years have worn its stamp. With the discount, vinyl records are just $7.50 and cassette tapes are just $3, so if you're looking to build a cassette collection on the cheap, or maybe play record roulette and take a gamble on a few albums you've never heard before, consider this a golden opportunity.

Anyway, treat yourself. You deserve it. You can go shopping at Gloss Records' online shop.


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