Milwaukee Honors Lil Boosie with an Official Proclamation

May. 1, 2017
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Like so many of rap’s modern greats, Lil Boosie is a complicated figure. He’s one of the most purely talented rappers of his generation, whose vivid storytelling has served as a model for countless southern rappers that have emerged in his wake. He’s also a convicted felon who’s been indicted for murder. He was acquitted on that charge, but needless to say he’s not the first person you’d expect to be honored with the keys to the city, which makes this Instagram post he shared this weekend a head-turner:

We can't confirm that he actually received the keys to the city, but sure enough, that’s an official proclamation from the Milwaukee Common Council recognizing Boosie, who was in town this weekend for a show at the Eight nightclub, for his 2016 visit to the Mary Ryan Boys and Girls Club on Sherman Boulevard. Judging from his Instagram post, Boosie or somebody else appears to have spilled some sort of drink on the plaque. 

According to the proclamation, “Lil Boosie spoke with children at the Boys and Girls Club to share wisdom with them and … encouraged the kids in the audience to figure out what they do best, master it, chase their dreams and never give up.” 

Ten members of the council introduced the resolution, which was approved by the council on March 1. Maybe Bob Donovan was out that day? It certainly doesn’t seem like something he’d sign off on without putting up a stink. Anyway, it's all a little unconventional, but it's still cool to see a rap star—one with a very compelling story—take the time out of his day to try to steer kids toward the right path.


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