Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Steamhammer/SPV)

Jul. 19, 2010
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Irish rockers The Answer enjoyed recent success in the United States with a retro, Led Zeppelin sound. Now, The Answer’s fellow countrymen in Glyder hope American listeners are craving more throwback rock. Glyder proudly worships at the altar of Thin Lizzy—and, in fact, made its public debut in 2004 at Dublin’s annual Phil Lynott tribute gig, “Vibe for Philo.”

After releasing two albums and two EPs on small labels, Glyder finally has a decent U.S. distribution deal in place for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, a powerhouse collection of songs that blends classic-rock influences with modern production and a hipster groove. Tracks like “Jack Strong,” the title cut and “Knockout” reveal these lads to be well-versed in old-school rock, while “One of Us” and the Alarm-like “Innocent Eyes” could have charted in 1985 or last week. A bonus instrumental, the seductive “Elverstown,” suggests Glyder could take this music in even more directions.


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