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Mark Lansing

Solstice (RockIt Records & Recording)

Mar. 14, 2013
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Mark Lansing’s Hendrix-style guitar pyrotechnics took him from Milwaukee to session work in California, although he maintains a consistent presence on the Wisconsin circuit. Solstice heralds his solo debut. And it's solo all the way, as he is responsible for writing, production, playing and singing. It's a fitting move for this loosely constructed song cycle chronicling Lansing's journey from darkness to light, both personally and philosophically. Though he revisits his Jimi riffing, Solstice offers a broader soundscape that plants him in an adult contemporary/rock hybrid zone. Though the self-reliance is admirable, it's fair to wonder whether collaborative input with other talents would have resulted in even more resonant artistry. As a conduit for tasty axe licks and self-revelation, however, Solstice makes its point.



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