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Jun. 6, 2013
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Dorfman in Love

In the whimsical indie romantic comedy Dorfman in Love, frumpy Deb Dorfman (Sara Rue) thinks she finally has her chance with the guy she’s always had a crush on—her brother’s best friend, the foreign correspondent Jay—when he asks her to cat-sit as he jets off to Kabul. A few droll moments help perk up this familiar story of a dowdy duckling turned beautiful swan. Deb needs to tell Jay (and the director) that he’s mispronouncing Kabul.

Perfect Understanding

We associate Gloria Swanson with Hollywood silent movies and Laurence Olivier with Wuthering Heights, but their careers crossed in this unknown 1933 British film. Written by Michael Powell (who went on to direct The Red Shoes), Perfect Understanding is a sophisticated romantic comedy-drama about marriage and infidelity, sexual harmony and discord, in a posh setting of cocktail parties and weekends in the country. Olivier is very young and distracted and Swanson endows her character with the dramatic expressions of a silent star.


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