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Short Orders (Sabor)

Brazilian Lunch

Jul. 30, 2008
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Sabor, Milwaukee’s only Brazilian restaurant, is becoming a Downtown favorite at lunchtime. The cheapest option is the salad bar, which has just dropped in price to a mere $9.95. Price reductions usually suggest cuts in quality, but this salad bar still reigns supreme: It includes soup and sides such as black beans and mashed potatoes. Plus, the assorted cheeses, fresh fruit and grilled vegetables are as good as ever. Try the artichoke salad with hearts of palm, capers, shiitake mushroom caps with herbed cheese and caramelized onions, or the sun-dried tomatoes wrapped around fresh mozzarella.

The full all-you-can-eat feast remains at $28.50, and a new “executive lunch,” comprised of small servings of meat, has been added as well. Service is excellent, attentive and never hurried. 


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