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Eric Mire Band

Spooky Love (Hyperdrive Motivator)

Oct. 28, 2009
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With their second CD, Eric Mire and his band are breaking some ground, as the Milwaukee rapper/singer puts a bass-riddled take on folk, alt soul, hip-hop, funk and cool jazz. The themes of love, socioeconomic struggle and politics may be similar to the Michael Franti/Spearhead and Arrested Development CDs in your collection, but Mire sounds genuinely empathetic with heart to spare.

Mire’s overall vibe is coffeehouse, but not so much so that he’s averse to getting booties moving. Aided by rhymes from label mate Melissa Czarnik and Joshua the Scribe, and including glockenspiel and clarinet among his instrumentation, Mire occupies a unique space in the city’s music scene and the hip-hop nation overall. The bass does overpower the mix at times, and there’s room for some spit ’n’ polish, but Mire's aesthetic vision is mighty clear.


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