Dog Land iPhone App Finds Dog Friendly Places in Milwaukee

Jan. 31, 2014
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dog land iphone app

The new iPhone app Dog Land has given Milwaukee dog owners more of an opportunity to bond over their love for man’s best friend.

What started out as a final class project, has now grown into an online community with nearly 2,000 users worldwide. Since the launch of the app in early January of this year by BetterPet, Inc, Milwaukee dog owners have been filling each other in on the best places to take their dogs around the city.

“People were having trouble finding places to go with their dogs. There was really no definitive list of places,” said Gareth Wilson, president and creative director of BetterPet, Inc., and a UWM graduate.

“We had the idea to create an app that would be both social and useful for people,” he said.

Dog Land users create a profile where they are then able to upload and share photos of recent adventures with them and their dog. The app features both a local and global list of dog owners for users to find, follow and interact with.

The most popular feature gives people the option to vote on whether or not a place, such as a restaurant or cafe, is dog friendly. After visiting a certain location in the city, a vote is placed using the colors green, yellow, or red.

When a user votes green, the establishment is considered dog friendly. A yellow vote means it is considered moderately dog friendly and a red vote from a users means the place does not allow dogs. Dog owners are also able to leave tips about locations they have visited around Milwaukee.

Current dog friendly locations listed in Milwaukee include Bosley on Brady, Rock Bottom Brewery and Cempazuchi Comida Brava, all of which have been voted on by Dog Land users. With new locations being voted on every day, the list of dog friendly places is continuing to grow.

The app also includes a list of dog parks, vets, pet stores, and animal shelters in the area complete with the contact information.

With the app being available around the world, BetterPet, Inc has been getting a lot of customer response to the features on the app.

“The feedback we are getting is very positive. We are working hard to add new features every week,” said Wilson.

Dog Land is currently a free app available to iPhone users. For more information visit


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