IndiaFest Milwaukee Returns to Humboldt Park

Jul. 8, 2016
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The 4th annual IndiaFest Milwaukee will return to Bay View’s Humboldt Park on Saturday, August 20.

The daylong event opens with a welcome ceremony observing the 70th Independence Day of India, featuring a parade, flag hoisting and national anthem.

Music and dance performances will illustrate various cultures in the Indian states, and musicians will use traditional and contemporary instruments to perform a variety of styles.

“There is no better way for families and friends to learn about Indian culture,” said Purnima Nath, the event’s organizer and producer in a press release. “Our goal is to weave India’s colorful cultural threads into the rich multicultural tapestry of American culture.”

Throughout the festival, some of the best restaurants from the Milwaukee and Chicago areas will offer a variety of menu items. Foods available range from dosas, similar to crepes or pancakes, to chaats, savory snacks often sold from food carts in India, to biriyanis, rice-based dishes with vegetables or chicken. 

Additional vendors will offer unique products and services from colorful exotic arts, clothing, and jewelry to temporary hand-painted Henna designs.

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