Tonight @ the Cactus Club

Feb. 29, 2008
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Unlike so many other abstract hip-hop artists who create only flimsy, vaguely dreamlike soundscapes, Dlek runs the gamut from shoegazey atmospherics to harsh blasts of industrial noise every bit as ferocious as you’d expect from two bulky, barbarous New Jerseyians. Even though the group’s temper has cooled on recent releases, the threat that their brainy musings could at any moment explode into combative dissonance keeps listeners on their toes. Dalek plays a 10 p.m. show tonight at the Cactus Club with Russian Circles, who throw down muscular, Don Caballero-styled math-rock, and Young Widows, who channel the jagged anger of bands like June of 44 and Rodan.


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