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Deep-Fried Delights at Jimmy's Grotto

Short Orders

Apr. 12, 2012
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Jimmy's Grotto (314 E. Main St., Waukesha) is a beloved Waukesha institution featuring an extensive menu of comfort foods and fried favorites that would make Food Network personality and perpetual grease-seeker Guy Fieri flip his visor. And while the popular restaurant serves up its share of pizza, garlic bread and onion rings, the star of the menu remains its famous Ponza Rottas. Crispy and delicious, a Ponza Rotta can best be described as a deep-fried calzone. Build your own by ordering a Cheese Ponza ($3.85) and adding toppings for 75 cents each, or select a Veggie Ponza ($6.85), Deluxe Ponza ($8.35) or Taco Ponza ($6), which includes salsa, cheddar cheese and seasoned ground beef. One would expect the Taco Ponza to taste as excessive as it sounds, but the fried treat is a surprisingly tasty, ultimately satisfying alternative to the more traditional Ponza Rotta variations. 


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