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3-2-1 Contact!

Express Yourself Milwaukee's Annual Show

May. 4, 2008
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Remember that old kids show on PBS? The theme song had lyrics in it ....."contact is the reason that EVERYTHING happens!"

True words, and the Express Yourself Milwaukee show CELEBRATE, is our chance to make contact with YOU!

On Thursday May 15 at 12 noon and 6pm, at Marquette Helfaer Theatre, the Milwaukee community will have a chance to witness and celebrate with our artists and youth artists, the work we have been doing this year. Our show, is an act of love which has grown in style, depth and focus over this past school year. Kids from every site that EYM serves will be represented as well as artistic collaborators and contributors from around the world.

The music, dance, art pieces and spoken word in the show represent a part of the journey of life that we all walk. We may walk on different paths, but this year’s theme reminds us to celebrate those aspects of our common life experiences.

Just as the structure of EYM gives us, the artist a chance to make contact with and touch the lives of the youths we serve, so this event provides an opportunity for the public to be touched by the gift of the art we have been making, and return the gift to our kids, by witnessing it.

We have all evolved this year in the process of "growing" this show. It is our privilege to invite the community to support our kids in their growth as collaborators and artists, individuals and a part of the community. Our show is not the end of what we have done together, but a continuation of the bridges being built for and by our future community of adults.


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