Hear the First Track from Hot Coffin 2.0, "A Lesson in Sleep"

Jun. 24, 2014
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hot coffin
If Milwaukee rockers Hot Coffin don't sound quite as you remember them, it's not just you. Since releasing their debut album Law last February, the group has swapped original singer Sean Williamson for Chris Chuzles, formerly of Disguised by Birds, and to judge from the new lineup's first song together, he's brought some of the spirit of his old band to the group. A crazed, lighter-waving slab of post-hardcore, "A Lesson in Sleep" is darker and more Fugazi-indebted than the Hot Coffin of yore, though you can still hear the smirk underneath its gruff exterior.

You can stream the track below, via Bandcamp, and see the revamped group when they play Cactus Club on Friday, June 27 with Tilts, Haymarket Riot and Buildings.


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