Who would have thought?

Mar. 9, 2009
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No one expected Marquette to win all five of their final games with the brutal schedule they faced, but no one expected them to lose all five, either.

I was hoping for two wins - one against Syracuse and one upset among the big four other teams.

Is there anyone out there who expected the loss of Dominic James to have this much of an impact? Of all the guys on the floor, I would have imagined his role would be the easiest for other players to fill. His speed is unmatched - pretty much anywhere but I certainly didn't foresee this complete drop off the face of the planet that the Golden Eagles have done.

It's unfortunate. This team had a lot of talent and a lot of potential, but it looks like the end of the line may have already been reached for this team. It's unlikely that they'll make noise in the Big East tournament and though they'll likely get into the tournament, I can't see them advancing past the first or second round.

It's a far cry from the promising start of the season...


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