The Zombie Corpse of Atomic Records

Feb. 21, 2012
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Atomic is back in business, but probably not the Atomic you were hoping for. The East Locust Street storefront that once hosted Atomic Records, Milwaukee's most storied independent music store now houses a pipe and paraphernalia shop called Atomic Glass.

Atomic owner—Atomic Records owner, that is—Rich Menning apparently wasn't too thrilled to learn that his 25-year-old brand is now in the hands of a head shop. He expressed his dismay in a post to the old Atomic Records Web site last month:

Hello, friends of Atomic Records. Rich here. I'm dusting off my rusty HTML skills because it has come to my attention that some sort of organization known as "Atomic Glass" is opening in the location formerly occupied by Atomic Records. I want it to be known that Atomic Glass has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Atomic Records. That's all I've got right now. That and the realization that there are some really lame people in this world.


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