The first night

Mar. 12, 2008
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The world's greatest music festival has officially kicked off, and day one of four is now over at 2:30 in morning (at least for me - Evan is still out wondering the streets). In addition to being able to witness countless amazing performances from lots of great bands, I also have the discreet pleasure of being able to perform myself, which is why I need to go to sleep now . . . but, before I do, here are some quick highlights of the events tonight:

* Catching all of Milwaukee's (awesome) Call Me Lightning set at the Mohawk patio.

* Ordering a couple of Pabst at the Mohawk bar, and facing hipster judgment from another patron who accused me of being 2 years too late on my beverage choice.

* Waiting in line for about an hour to get my credential badge (the computer server went out).

That is all I have for now. Much more writing to come and plenty of photos are on the horizon. I have a 10:00 soundcheck , and I am jealous of the sleep that everyone else in my hotel room is getting.

Stay tuned!


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