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Wauwatosa’s Juniper 61 Continues to Delight

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Jun. 29, 2010
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Lamb is the type of meat that typically should be cooked on the rare side. In fact, in most cases a well-done rack of lamb seems almost criminal. However, it is possible to cook it thoroughly and still have a good, tasty piece of lamb. This is the case with the Turkish lamb pita served at Juniper 61 (6030 W. North Ave.), the sister restaurant of Bay View’s Café LuLu. The braised lamb, which is full of flavor, is served with a salad of cucumber, tomato and parsley. Yogurt feta sauce arrives on the side of this fine sandwich. The menu contains many other winners as well. Though entrees change from time to time, one item that still remains is the signature juniper pork—tenderloin encrusted with juniper berries. The berries impart a unique aroma that works especially well with stronger-flavored meats like lamb and venison. Juniper 61 has been open for about 18 months, and the menu continues to delight.


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