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The Revomatics

The Revomatics

Jun. 4, 2012
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With cover art that alludes to the hot-rodding and slot-car racing that inspired the West Coast instrumental rock 'n' roll of the early '60s, Milwaukee's Revomatics are the real deal. They're not the city's first surf band, by a long stretch, but they've got the "wet" reverb sound, arpeggiated chords, sly Latin and jazz influences and dance-in-your-huaraches beats down solidly, and they add their own spin to the classic sound, down to the zippy, mid-fi production values. The point here isn't necessarily to innovate, but rather to replicate their forebears with personal flair and devotion. The Revomatics carry on a beloved sound for those who would grab a board and “hang ten” in Lake Michigan. Maybe on their next release, the band will commit to posterity some of their crazy surf covers (a Deep Purple oldie among them) that have been showing up on YouTube. Meanwhile, this will more than suffice. 


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