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Beauty meets Braun

Jim Cryns on Sports

Sep. 5, 2008
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  If these two ever had a child together, I'd want to be the adoptive father.

  Brewers' superstar recently shot a commercial for a Remington hair-care product in Brookfield with supermodel Marisa Miller. The set: the baseball field behind Brookfield East High School. The stars: Braun and Miller.

  What's it like to be approached for a television commercial, especially with all the ribbing that goes on among players? "There's been a little jealousy," Braun joked in the clubhouse recently, "It was a good time."

  The two 'actors' exchanged lines and Braun says it didn't happen quickly. "We had a lot of takes," he smiled, 'the commercial required a lot of good looking girls so it was great."

  When I asked Braun if he got Miller's phone number he replied, "She's married and I have a girlfriend, so that's about it."

  Braun is the spokesman for the product and signed a partnership with Remington. The video is his first film effort. "I didn't get my SAG card, at least I don't think so," Braun said, 'but I think I did well," Braun said in traditional Braun confidence. The ad will debut on YouTube this fall.

  "A ball rolls in front of me and we start a conversation," Braun said. Is this the beginning of a film career, more commercials? "We'll see what happens." I told Braun we could do a remake of Mr. Belvedere, the Bob Uecker show, "I'm with that idea," he said. Yeah, him and several million young girls who want to see more of him.

  Kid's Stuff: Any male over the age of 10 should not be allowed to bring a mitt into a Major League ball park. Enough said.

  Stinking Abroad: The Bucks will be in China in October for some pre-season games. It's nice they'll suck on another continent for a while.

  Meh: What a difference a few weeks can make. I saw Brett Favre on ESPN talking about being named captain of the Jets. The strange part about the viewing is I had absolutely no emotional reaction. Here is Favre, who meant a great deal to fans in Wisconsin, including me, wearing a Jets jersey, and I couldn't have cared less.

  A Cubs Double Agent?: Every time I get ready to eat some words regarding Ned Yost, he pulls another rabbit out of a hat. When he inserted the spent-armed Eric Gagne the other night against the Mets, I felt vindicated. On Tuesday night he left Prince Fielder in to hit an inning-ending double play. Fielder has turned into some major dead weight. A blogger out of Chicago suggested with Yost's bonehead moves this year he should be named the Cubs MVP.

  Palin On: It's not very often you find a way to link politics to sports. Sarah Palin, the Republican VP nominee, used to be a sports anchor. Back in the late '80s Sarah Heath (her maiden name) was a sportscaster at KTU-TV in Anchorage, Alaska. She sports a huge '80s hairdo requiring a ton of Aqua Net to keep it in place. Her dialect smacks a bit of the Minnesota twang in Fargo and she delivered the sports segment with amateurish skills. It could easily have been confused with a college sophomore's demo tape.

  Dealt a New Hand: An incredible story out of Chicago, (no, Lou Pinella didn't lose weight.)

  A catcher for the Cubs recently called up with roster expansions had three fingers and his thumb sawed-off last October. Koyie Hill was working at his home in Kansas when he made a second pass on a table saw and hit a knot in the wood. The knot thrust the wood and Koyie's hand toward the blade, which ripped through his fingers and thumb in an instant.

  Koyie was rushed to the emergency room. Koyie credits his father-in-law for thinking quickly to make sure the fingers were re-attached. The next time Ben Sheets has a boo-boo on his thumb, or pulls a little groin muscle, he should man-up and take a page out of Koyie's book. Hill batted .432 in 23 games in July. That's about twice what Ricky Weeks is hitting and this guy has a refurbished hand.

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