AUTOMatic Returns With a Pleasingly Summery Mixtape

May. 29, 2014
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Milwaukee's AUTOMatic are masters of the kind of true-head hip-hop that completely proliferated the local rap scene for most of the '00s. Back then there were more rappers claiming to represent "real hip-hop" than there were being accused of making whatever the fake stuff was, but that's gradually changed, as the scene has grown with the times, adopting new, more modern styles and moving past old divisions. There will always be a demand for this kind of proven, classicist hip-hop, though, and in the hands of wizzes like AUTOMatic it'll never stop sounding good.

The group's new The Air Quotes Mixtape—their first release since 2012's snappy Art Imitates Life—goes down mighty easy, mixing head-nodding soul with feisty battle raps. The group had originally planned on dropping it in November, but it's just as well that it arrived in May, since it's a decidedly summery listen, conjuring memories of long, lazy evenings spent grilling $3 packs of hot dogs and driving to Leon's while listening to the "Late Night Hype Show." Some music was just made to played outdoors.

You can download The Air Quotes Mixtape through Bandcamp or stream it below, and if the mood strikes you can check out AUTOMatic live on Saturday, May 31 at the Stonefly Brewery, where they'll play as part of a bill with DJ Bizzon, Pharoah Mac and DMT.


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