Atomic Closes For Good Sunday

Mar. 12, 2009
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Atomic Records closes shop for good Sunday, so if you've been putting off that last visit, you're running out of time. Everything in the store is 30% off today, 40% off tomorrow and 50% off Sunday; hours are noon to six. The store was well stocked with goodies from the basement when I went last went a couple weeks ago. This weekend I'm hoping to score that Mr. T Experience fly swatter the Atomic Web site teased a while back, if it's still available.

The final months of Atomic have been bittersweet. While the business was being well eulogized by nationalmedia and, at a spectacularbenefit concert, local friends, the shop itself was as crowded as it had been during its '90s heyday, with bargain hunters and old costumers returning for one last sweep. For a few extra weeks, the store was still alive with music and conversation.


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