Fielder or Braun for MVP?

Jun. 29, 2011
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Tom Verducci of SI thinks so.


He's got Prince and Braun as #1 and #2 in his midseason ballot.

Check out the whole thing here



1. Prince Fielder, Milwaukee

2. Ryan Braun, Milwaukee

3. Jose Reyes, New York

4. Matt Kemp, Los Angeles

5. Roy Halladay, Philadelphia

6. Joey Votto, Cincinnati

7. Lance Berkman, St. Louis

8. Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh

9. Justin Upton, Arizona

10. Mike Morse, Washington

Explanation: Talk about weird: an NL MVP ballot without Albert Pujols listed anywhere. Any of the top four here would be a fine pick, but Fielder has done the most for a first-place team. He leads the league in home runs, RBIs, OPS, extra-base hits and intentional walks while hitting .346 with runners in scoring position and getting on base more times than anyone except Votto.


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