Green Bay Packers Going to American Idol Finale?

May. 11, 2009
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If this is true, it’s seriously one of the oddest sports crossovers I’ve heard in awhile.

American Idol top 3 contestant Danny Gokey is from Milwaukee and he’s in town today to get footage for Idol to show during next week’s show. They call it hometown heroes and the contestants go back home and do parades and performances.

Danny will be at the Harley stage at the Summerfest grounds and will also be doing the National Anthem and throwing out the first pitch at tonight’s Brewers game.

The city’s really rallied around Danny and the oddest “fans” have to be Aaron Rodgers, Ruvell Martin, Greg Jennings and Nick Barnett. They’ve done a couple of commercial-type “Good Luck” shots for the local Fox station (since AI is a Fox show). And apparently they did a video and sent it out to LA for him. And they’ll be at the concert at Summerfest tonight.

Well, Gokey and Rodgers just officially met while at a local radio station and Rodgers said that the Packers would be at the American Idol finale.

Who knows if he’s kidding or not, but it would be pretty funny if they scan over to the crowd and the tag on the bottom says Danny’s Family and Friends and there are four Green Bay Packers standing there.


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