Stream Brief Candles' 'Newhouse' EP Ahead of This Weekend's Release Show

Oct. 9, 2013
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brief candles newhouse ep
Though they've got nothing on genre standard bearers My Bloody Valentine in this regard, Milwaukee's go-to shoegaze band Brief Candles know a thing or two about taking their time. The group made fans wait a whole five years between their debut LP They Live We Sleep and its 2011 follow-up Fractured Days, so it's hard to complain about the relatively short wait time between that album and the group's newest EP, Newhouse, which they'll release Friday, Oct. 11 with a show at the Riverwest Public House. Perhaps accounting for that quick(er) turnaround: Newhouse sounds a good deal less worked over than its predecessors. Its songs are quick and to-the-point, with a couple of them ("Terry Nation" and opener "Olympic Sleeper") driven by an antsy punk urgency. The EP isn't a huge departure from the blissful, catch-all '80s and '90s underground rock of Fractured Days, but it's still a treat hearing the band cut loose like this.

Stream the record below (or buy yourself a copy) courtesy of Bandcamp.


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