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Maxfield's Pancake House: Breakfast in Fox Point

Short Orders

Jun. 8, 2010
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Heinemann’s has closed all of its Milwaukee locations, but in Fox Point a similar spirit of the old chain's unique spin on breakfast continues at Maxfield's Pancake House (333 W. Brown Deer Road), housed in one of Heinemann’s old locations. The menu, especially those pages dedicated to the morning meal, traipse across the globe with delicious ease. Omelets and skillet dishes with Greek and Mexican themes take up some column space, but so do less common items that are just as tempting. Bacon and Monterey Jack cheese supplement the typical ham and pineapple fillings for a Hawaiian omelet. Blintzes and crepes in several flavors tantalize as well. But the supreme choice of fried batter options may be “A Touch of France”—cinnamon swirl bread French toast topped with sautéed apple slices and gold raisins. Some breakfast specialties come with juice. Salads, sandwiches and soup round out the lunch options, but it is the first meal of the day that is the crowning achievement.


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