Record Store Day Now Monthly, Kind Of

Jun. 2, 2009
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In the spirit of Record Store Day, the successful annual promotion where independent music retailers lure customers to their shops with rare releases, the Record Store Day people have launched a monthly offshoot: Vinyl Saturday. It'll take place on the third Saturday of each month, beginning June 20, which will see the release of 7-inches from Wilco, Modest Mouse, Green Day and Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johanssen, among others, according to Each Note Secure.

I love the concept. Back in the days when people actually bought music, Tuesdays were a big deal, the day when die-hards flocked to record stores to pick up the week's new releases. Vinyl Saturday seems like it could recreate that excitement, albeit only once a month. Here's hoping every month's releases are as good as the event's inaugural month.


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