McGivern: An America Fiesta In Sheboygan

John McGivern and Renaissance Theaterworks Bring AMERICAN FIESTA to Kohler Arts Center

Jun. 2, 2010
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I was recently at a very traditional religious wedding. Knowing the couple in question very little, I felt a bit out of place. I wish the two of them nothing but the best and hope to, at some point, get to know them a little better. They seem like nice people. That being said, the very, very Christian wedding service made me feel a bit uncomfortable and I came to the striking realization . . . that the idea of the modern traditional marriage actually offends me. Do I think it should be illegal? No. What two people and a large group of others do in the privacy of their own church is between them and their god . . . its just a bit odd being a part of it. And, though I personally am quite happy and married, I can understand why hetero couples would want to forgo the idea of marriage until everyone can get involved regardless of sexual orientation. Its a bit unsettling being part of an institution thats so exclusive in this country right now.

Steve Tomlinson explored some of the complexities of non-traditional marriage and opening it to everyone in his one-man play American Fiesta. This past season, a production of the show starring John McGivern took the stage of the Broadway Theatre Centers Studio Theatre. Directed by Jenny Wanasek, the play featured McGivern in character as a man who loves Fiestawarea man who is going to talk to his parents about the man who he is going to marry. Its a very intricate and complicated story very effectively brought to the stage by McGivern. Those who didnt have a chance to see the show this past season have another opportunity as McGivern brings it to Sheboygan to perform at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center June 15th 19th.  

John McGivern in Steve Tomlinsons American Fiesta runs June 15 19 at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan. Tickets are $24. For more information, call 920-458-6144 or visit the JMKAC online.




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