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Some 300 films from many nations and genres will be screened during the 10th annual Milwaukee Film Festival. Read more


The festival for horror-film fans includes feature length and short films April 13-15 at the Times Cinema. Read more


Ruthie advises a reader on his May-December romance. Read more

Dear Ruthie

Beginning next week and running through May 7, the Third Annual Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival, held at four venues around the city, will screen six films focused on Muslim life and history. Read more

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Following up on the success of last year’s Christmas-themedmovies series, the Times Cinema and Avalon Theater will once again get merry inthe weeks leading up to the holidays. Every Saturday in December (as well asChristmas.. Read more

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As Bay View’s Avalon Theater prepares to host several prime attractions in this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival, the movie palace stands as the incredibly rare example of a local theater reopened and thriving. Read more



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Human Capital begins with a bird’s eye overview—the aftermath of a posh banquet as servers clear dirty dishes from soiled tablecloths. One waiter starts for home on his bicycle, winding through the dark, empty streets until overtaken by a s... Read more

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Of the three films titled House of Wax, the 1953 version is the one that has stuck to the imagination of horror fans. Starring the always-excellent Vincent Price, it concerns the mad (yet understandable) vengeance quest of a sculptor agains... Read more

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It is triviallytrue that a painter is a painter by virtue of painting paintings. The sameholds for a craftsperson in any domain. Perhaps Aristotle was the first tonotice this: “we become builders, for instance, by building, and we becomeharpis.. Read more

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Touring company Missoula Oblongata strolls through town periodically. The experimental nature of what they're doing never ceases to sound fascinating, though their performances can be kind of difficult to make it to what with limited exposure an.. Read more


<p> Jackson Brodie is a hardboiled private detective trying to improve his mind. While staking out an adultery case, waiting in his car to document mischief with a high-powered camera, he listens to a French language instruction CD. But when his.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Greendale Community Theatre is one of those inadvertent secrets of local theatre. Yes, the Greendale High School Auditorium gets quite a few people in for their shows, but many of these productions are remarkably polished projects, some of which.. Read more


The Big Ten Hockey Conference hasn't stated playing yet, but their proposal for conference playoffs had caused quite a few ripples in the Wisconsin sports landscape.The Badgers' current conference, the WCHA, holds their conference playoff, the Fi.. Read more

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Former Badger and Hobey Baker Award winner Blake Geoffrion made it official today when he signed a two-year entry-level contract with the Nashville Predators. Per the Preds release, Blake became the first Tenneessee native to be signed to an NHL.. Read more

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Paula Wolf, 41, was arrested in Stevens Point, Wis., and charged with hitting four random pedestrians with projectiles on April 21. In Wolf's car, police found a blowgun, a slingshot and a bucket of rocks. After being questioned, Wolf told ... Read more

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As contemporary farces go, Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies is pretty nondescript. Two down-on-their luck actors find themselves impersonating long, lost female relatives of a dying woman in order to obtain an inheritance. In the process of doing so,.. Read more


I was recently at a very traditional religious wedding. Knowing the couple in question very little, I felt a bit out of place. I wish the two of them nothing but the best and hope to, at some point, get to know them a little better. They seem li.. Read more


The tiny performance space at Kenilworth Square was relatively packedlargely with rising, young local theatre talent for a one-night-only performance of a program of shorts referred to as 5 Plays You Didn't Know.An evening of five shorts select.. Read more


Granted, Public Enemy's audience has changed a great deal since the days when the band sent chills down the spine of white America, but this still seems like a bold pairing: Hip-hop's Afro-centric elder-statesmen will be bringing along Milwaukee'.. Read more

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