Cabaret Extended

May. 30, 2009
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Carte Blanche’s late night show ended up being a bit later than expected, so I had a chance to talk to Carte Blanche Studios’ Jimmy Dragolovich. Dragolovich told me that the recent production of Cabaret had been such a hit that they were extending the run of the show through the end of the summer. What with the show having opened April 24th, Carte Blanche’s Cabaret will be the longest-running show in Milwaukee at the time it reaches its final curtain at the end of August. As near as I can make out, it’ll probably be the production with the single longest run in Milwaukee this year.

Dragolovich is unique in that he’s got the option of running the show for an extra three months. For the most part, the theatre’s open through the end of the summer with no other shows going on, allowing for the option. What with the show being as successful as it’s been, the option presented itself and all but one in the cast was available for the show through August. This is particularly miraculous considering the rather large number of people involved in Carte Blanche’s Cabaret.

I say the theatre’s open through the end of the summer for the most part . . . there IS a Carte Blanche production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that will be staged there at the end of June. This means that Cabaret will be running for the next several weeks . . . then sometime around the last full week in June, Dragolovich and company will have to meticulously dismantle and pack away the Kit Kat Klub to make room for a forest in ancient Athens. A couple of weeks later, the forest is torn down for the return of the club. I could sense Dragolovich’s exhaustion . . . but that could’ve been the fact that it was almost 10:30pm and the final performance of the one weekend-only premiere drama Forgive Us Our Trespasses was about to start.

My review of Forgive Us Our Trespasses runs in this week’s Shepherd-Express. Tickets are still available for Carte Blanche’s extended run of Cabaret. For more info, call 262-716-4689.


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