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Alem Ethiopian Village’s Tasty African Cuisine

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Aug. 4, 2010
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For a good, inexpensive introduction to Ethiopian food, try downtown Milwaukee’s Alem Ethiopian Village (307 E. Wisconsin Ave.). The restaurant provides a proper Ethiopian table with no eating utensils; food is served on injera, a large spongy flatbread with a slightly tart flavor. Alem offers both meat and vegetarian entrees, cooked with spices that range from very mild to rich and spicy—red with hot pepper. A recent addition is a weekday lunch buffet featuring vegetarian selections that change daily. There might be quosta, a mild dish of spinach, or fasolia, which has string beans, potatoes, carrots and onions in a gingery sauce. Alem also offers a variety of wots. One option is made with yellow lentils, and another consists of potatoes in a rich red sauce loaded with red pepper. The wots tend to be spicy.


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